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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yep, I've been away..but now I'm back! These past few months have been crazy busy, life got in the way. Then again, it's my favorite season of them all-fall! Time for sweaters and big scarves and beanies! Some of my favorite clothing items are from autumn season so this is gonna be fun!

I've been wearing this outfit for school, mostly. It's comfy and warm, plus I love the many layers the sweater and scarf create. The bag from ASOS is great for carrying my laptop around so it's all round comfortable no-brainer outfit for everyday.

// Bag- ASOS // Pants- H&M // Beanie- H&M // Sweater- Sheinside // Coat- Old as hell // Boots- Boohoo //

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I finally have had time to edit my photoshoots I've done this summer. One of my favourites is the one I did with my boyfriend David who reluctantly agreed to pose for me (: I'm really proud of the photos since I don't have a lot of experience with male models and I think it turned out great, so here they are!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I've been getting into rockabilly/psychobilly culture ever since I got back from Barcelona. I don't know why, but I'm suddenly very drawn to it..again. I tried incorporating rockabilly style into my wardrobe a couple of years ago but I simply didn't have the means to change my wardrobe to fit my needs. This time, I decided to slowly transition from rocker to rockabilly, embracing the feminine style but still having my own alternative twist on it. I feel like it's more inspired y the subculte than just copying it. No matter what style you're rocking, you still need to make it your own (:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

    I've got some exciting stuff going on- I'm going to Barcelona tomorrow! I'm going with David and we will be staying there until the 16th of July. I can't wait to see the gorgeous city and have an actual summer. June was very rainy and cold here in Tallinn so Barcelona is perfect for us (: I'm also planning to do a few photoshoots with local models and I'm gonna make it my mission to take a lot of travel photography so hopefully I'll have some awesome stuff to show when I come back!

    Last weekend was a busy one- 4th of July party, David's birthday, 2 other birthdays and the Estonian Song Festival which is held every 5 years- all this happened in last 3 days which for an introvert like me is quite a strain. Then again, we had lots of fun so it wasn't that bad (:

    These photos were taken at the port of Tallinn which is a gorgeous place with lovely restaurants, fancy apartments and beautiful view on the sea. It is finally getting warm enough to wear shorts in the evening so I took advantage of the situation and finally wore my azstec shorts for the first time. As the pattern on them is so loud I decided to keep everything else minimalistic and clean. And of course I couldn't resist wearing the bowler hat yet again-it just goes so well with every outfit!

// Shorts-Choies // Top-Stradivarius // Bag-Lindex // Hat-H&M //

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    I was recently approached by to do a blogger style challenge, #MyVegasStyle. They asked me to style 3 different looks for a stay at the luxurious  Aria  resort & casino in Las Vegas.
    I'm very excited and honored to be participating in such a challenge, I've wanted to do styling of some sorts for a while now and what a great opportunity this is!

    I have never been to Las Vegas, but my interest has been high- I've wanted to visit the States for years and Las Vegas is one of the destinations I'm really excited about.

Liquid Pool & Lounge at Aria

Liquid Pool & Lounge is tucked in neatly behind the resort's three other pristine pools in a world all to itself. I picked this spot because it looks like a bit more private and chic place to chill out on a hot day.
#MyVegasStyle poolside look

Dinner at Javier's

    The restaurant, already established in Southern California and Los Cabos, Mexico, serves an extensive menu of seafood, meat and vegetarian options. It's a chic place to spend your evening with friends or loved ones and this is the perfect time to dress up!

#MyVegasStyle dinner look

 Relax at The Deuce Lounge

    The best gaming nightlife Las Vegas has to offer is found in The Deuce Lounge. An energetic cocktail lounge infused with high-stakes gaming and sophistication, The Deuce stands on its own amongst the sea of nightlife in Las Vegas. This type of places always remind me of the sexy and sophisticated Bond girls so why not live the dream and dress up as a femme fatale?
#MyVegasStyle casino look

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    I've paired up with to show what kind of summer attire I'll be picking up this year so I'm participating in Closet Swap campaign! is a marketplace where you can buy and sell discounted gift cards, so if you're looking for a cheaper way to shop, this is a place to get your discounts from! They have all kinds of cool fashion and beauty brand cards so be sure to check them out (:

    Going from cold winter/spring season to warm summer it's easy to get caught up in dark colors and layers upon layers of clothes. I feel like in the summer you can go crazy with the patterns and colors and just go for very bold choices. I want to show what I mean by completely stepping out of my comfort zone (which is black, leather and layers) and into the wonderful world of floral playsuits:
Playsuit & gold

Perfect floral playsuits with gold accessories

    I've been obsessed with playsuits lately, and for a good reason- they are so comfortable and you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion! I've chosen a few very cool floral ones and matched them with delicate gold jewelry. The key to having a great but simple summer outfit is to not pile up on jewelry but to keep it simple- a cuff or a necklace and that's it. You'll feel light in the playsuit and the jewelry will just give that extra pop.

Monday, June 30, 2014

    Black and red are one of the coolest color combinations, in my opinion. Combining the soft red dress with the hard leather jacket creates a wonderful ensemble of sexy, confident outfit that you can wear on a date or to a party. 
    I've worn this dress  several times but never had the chance to take proper photos of it. However, this outfit is one of my favorites because it's elegant yet comfortable with added touch of edginess.

// Hat- H&M // Dress- Sheinside (similar here) // Jacket- Zara // Boots- Boohoo //

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